The Art and Science of deClarity

For more than three decades deClarity has helped life science companies identify their most compelling stories and bring them to life.

We create detailed mechanism of action animations that highlight the rational design of your therapeutics, videos for and about patients that build connections to your products, and those that bring your company’s identity and values to life. We develop clinical trial recruitment websites that engage and guide people to action. And we help patients find their voices to tell their own stories.



Who We Reach

Healthcare Providers

Our Science

We have expertise in many therapeutic areas including oncology, neurology, cardiology, rheumatology, immunology, musculoskeletal, infectious diseases, and rare diseases. 

We listen to you carefully, explore deeply, and develop an approach that resonates with your target audience.  

And because our systems have been validated over thousands of projects, communication flows easily and projects run smoothly. 


Case Study
How do you help doctors understand what their patients are experiencing?

To show why it’s important to treat a patient who is having a multiple sclerosis exacerbation, we take doctors inside an MS relapse to experience the devastation to the patient’s body and the life-limiting disability that it can cause.  Many doctors also use this animation to explain the disease to their new patients.

deClarity has worked with Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals for almost a decade to create 3-D animations, videos and interactive exhibit media across multiple therapeutic franchises.


Our Art

Our team is creative and curious.  Together we bring a mastery of our craft, a beyond-textbook approach, and a sense of wonder for the life sciences to the stories that we tell. 

We bring the life sciences to life, with a blend of ideas and images that appeal to both the mind and the senses, rich in words that remember that every picture tells a story, images captured by a camera with an interested eye, lifted by the music of colorful sound.  

We believe that the best life science communications can be a work of art.


Case Study
How do you break through the noise in a doctor’s waiting room and on the internet?

Vectra DA is multi-biomarker molecular diagnostic that provides rheumatologists and their patients an objective measure of how well rheumatoid arthritis is being managed and whether a medication change should be considered.

Crescendo Bioscience called on deClarity to create a Direct-to-Patient digital campaign, which includes this point-of-care animation that encourages a patient to start a conversation with their HCP.  We branded the seven videos in the campaign with this painterly animated style to catch the eye of the patient on social media, the product website, and a number of other platforms.     

I have worked with deClarity while at three different companies and in various therapeutic categories. They have an incredible ability to understand overall product strategy and then apply creative insight to drive key messages. The range of projects that deClarity can address is extremely impressive. They have developed everything from hardcore science pieces to motivational launch videos. All are done professionally and result in a final product that I’m proud of.
— Tracy M. Woody, VP Sales and Marketing, Diagnostics Company